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Nanatsu no Taizai 207 Released! It was pretty satisfying seeing derriere beat the crap out of ludoshel. Serves him right. Also I dread imagining if the likes of estarossa and zeldris has their indura forms as well. Though the idea of rematch between escanor vs estarossa indura form would be hype.The fights were brilliant. However, I think we're about to be hit with the feels as this might be the first time meliodas sees elizabeth die. It was pretty intriguing to see just how strong & powerful derieri & monspeet are in their new forms. Plus besides just that, it was just good to see rueduciel & the other archangels finally getting smashed, considering they were so damn cocky. But as for the bit at the end, I must admit, it was nice to see that elizabeth has finally stepped up to the plate and considering that she's facing derieri with a really demonic form, it will be intriguing to see how she will do. Those indura transformations are really stronger. Didn't see that coming. I also have to say, considering this last chapter, I'm a bit disappointed by how bad three archangels fared against two ten commendments. If the godess clan doesn't have something else up it's sleeve, I'd be intrigued to know, how they stalemated the demon clan for so long. Will we actually see a godess eventually? I assume, she'd be again stronger than the arch angels. Next thing is elizabeth. I'm a little surprised by her role. Few chapters ago ludoshel treated her like a child, that couldn't do much. Now she seems to take command which is interesting.

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Well looks like from monspiet's speech bubble we might have just gotten confirmation that merlin is indeed related to the demons it looks like the same language as merlin's true name. Other than that, I like how this fight is turning out. Hopefully if their hearts do regenerate if it does, then I'm sure it's not instant then maybe they can use it in present time. I just want nakaba to make them threatening in the current time line & not just a flashback because power wise, shit is unbalanced. Though I will say it's nice to see elizabeth actually take action and not in a retarded way like running toward the ten commandments despite them being nowhere near strong enough to. She will get wrecked though I think. 

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