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Nanatsu no Taizai 216 Released! The bit with zeldris was alright and I liked what we saw of drole's story, but for the most part, there really wasn't much going for this chapter. Plus now that both diane & king have finished their trials, it will be good to see just what drole or gloxinia might have in store for them next. I feel like stuff like blackout or the black pillar of death and mass destruction title may be subject to change are just other applications of whatever hellblaze is. The "Darkness"/marks being something that's part of the demons' blood seems like the most likely explanation. Also, and this is getting off topic, but I'm pretty sure meliodas doesn't have to release the mark to use revenge counter but since it enhances his defensive capabilities it should amplify the effect of rc by a fairly big margin since he takes more damage without it. Doubt it's a thing for demons to be unable to maintain the mark if their exhausted. The closest thing we saw were derrierie and monspiet during the trial for king and diane but those two were knocked out cold and elizabeth 1.0 basically sucked the darkness out of them from the looks of her attack. I wouldn't be surprised if the stuff is a part of their blood and elizabeth basically drained them of enough of it to forcibly cancel indra.

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What do you think that is going to happen in the next nanatsu no taizai 216 chapter? Share with us your thoughts and predictions for the chapter 216 of !? I'm glad diane managed to survive. Zeldris was very strong so she could've had a very real chance to die. It makes me wonder how she even managed to run away. My guess was she tricked zeldris into getting off of her. Then ran away. Zeldris's real target was gowther anyways. This also confirms that zeldris didn't have his piety commandment yet, because if he did, diane would bee cursed into serving the demons and be stuck in the past.

Zeldris's ability to seal magic abilities is pretty useful in combat. It can potentially make characters that rely heavily on their magic useless, like gloxinia or merlin. From what zeldris said, "The demon king lent his magic power to me" probably means he can use demon kings magic as well, making him quite hax. And we know the demon king can bestow commandments onto others, grant them immortality, and seems to have clairvoyance since he noticed gowther escaping from prison. And the scary part is the demon king probably has even more hax magic powers that we haven't seen yet.

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Zeldris's magic power reminds me of helbram's link, but instead of using multiple individuals powers, it lets him use the demon kings magic abilities. I believe zeldris power level would be far higher than 61k if he had access to the demon kings power, which doesn't seem to be the case currently because the demon king is in purgatory (seems like hell to me), apparently in a different dimension. Or maybe he can. We will have to see. I liked the ending to this chapter. Dianes memory was returned to her by gowther in the 3000 year ago past, and she showed her love of king by kissing him. 

So I'm guessing that's not zeldris' true power? I mean, it's the power lent by the demon king according to him. Still, the ability to seal powers sounds quite op and to be feared.If zeldris is that strong then how is estarossa considered the strongest of the ten commandments? Well, king has demonstrated the ability do transformation. And dianne can shrink to human size with merlin's assistance. We need some action. Gotta keep this flash back arc good if their gonna keep doing it and not revertong back to the present time yet. Wait, why are the demon marks on zeldris, mel, estarossa and everyone else basically different to gowther's. Meliodas black, and meliodas 2.0 have the same, or similar, markings because they're brothers. The others don't have the same as everyone else.

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