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Nanatsu no Taizai 203 Released! I didn't like how ten commandments arc ended.They started out all hype but fell really flat at the end besides gloxy and dolor. The others just got beat too easily/quickly after like wrecking all that havoc beforehand and 'killing' meli. Feels like too many convenient abilities on 7ds side to not feel any sense of danger now. Elizabeth the healing/revival goddess, meli the op demon who can come back, merlin the broken mage, ban the sneaky immortal who can kill without being noticed/seen and escanor, the broken daylight mucho man. Like I just see the same pattern for these next enemies.Come out hype and with upper hand at first, but then get their ass wholloped. Barely any decent balanced fights in shounen nowadays. Just one-shot or one-sided. I have a strong feeling that the reason meliodas sealed the demon clan was to save them from the massacre and take on all the hatred. I think the real douchebags are the goddess clan.

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The biggest plot twist would be that the goddess tribe were the bad ones and meliodas helped sealing them after the demons were unfairly destroyed, By the way, the angel (nerobasta) that appeared on this episode was the one denzel summoned from his sword. I think the goddess tride will kill meliodas' lover for being against the eradication of the demon, this meliodas would be mad, and start killing the goddess tride and it's the reason why they hate him. Maybe even the gc would try to dominate the others race, and that would link us as to why dolor and gloxiana changed side.

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