King is a member of the Seven Deadly Sins and is known as the Grizzly's Sin of Sloth. His real name is Fairy King Harlequin Yōsei-Ō Hārekuin」 for he protects the Fairy King's Forest and the rest of the Fairy Realm. His Sacred Treasure is the Spirit Spear Chastiefol, which he uses in conjunction with his inherent power, Disaster. King's fairy form resembles a young boy with short brown hair, a high forehead, thin eyebrows, and brown eyes. He wears a long orange and aqua sweatshirt with a hood and navy blue sleeves, quarter-length navy blue pants, and short boots wieth large buttons matching his hoodie. He also carries a green leopard pattern pillow which is actually a transformation of his spear Chastiefol. Despite being a fairy, he has no visible wings.

In his human form, he looks almost exactly like his wanted poster; large, fat and more ragged, perhaps hinting at how humans look to fairies. He wears an enlarged version of the clothes he wears as a fairy, though he can freely change the clothes he wears in this form. Ten years ago, he wore full-body light green armor with a helmet that fits the size of his human form. King's wanted poster depicts him as a big man with short hair, sideburns, a button nose, and a sneer. His Seven Deadly Sins Grizzly symbol is located just above his left ankle, on the outer side of his lower leg. After the Kingdom Infiltration arc, King added Helbram's Love Helm helmet attached on the hood of his jacket. In his first appearance, he is shown to be an ally to the Holy Knights and is willing to wipe out anyone who gets in his way along with the person he is after. Since he is the Sin of Sloth, he is shown as somewhat lazy, preferring to levitate in most occasions. In the past, he was shown to be a compassionate character who returned stuffed animals stolen by Ban to children. Furthermore, it appears that he is an emotional person who cries easily.King has trouble admitting his affection for Diane. Although he enjoys being with Meliodas and Diane, he could not bring himself to express it. He cares deeply for his sister, Elaine, as shown when he was willing to take revenge for her death by "killing" Ban. King is also shown to have a caring side. He helps the Seven Deadly Sins in their battle against the Holy knights, although he claims it is merely for Diane.

Despite being the Sin of Sloth, he is hard working and serious at times. When King joins the group, he starts to act like the only rational one in the group, and questions his teammates' erratic and slightly insane actions, such as their nonchalance about losing their sacred treasures. When forced to do something he dislikes, King can easily be motivated if it will make Diane happy.Despite King's kind personality, he is not against killing someone, if pushed to his limits. King was willing to kill Guila and Jericho if they continued to attack him, but was unable to after Helbram saved the two.Seven hundred years ago, King was the ruler and guardian of the Fairy King's Forest; a country set on the border between the Fairy and Human realms. His spear, Chastiefol, was made from the Sacred Tree placed in its center. King used to live with Elaine along with other Fairies, keeping up the peace between them and the humans. During his time protecting the forest, King and Helbram were best friends. But unlike Helbram, King found no interest in humans and cautioned Helbram not to trust them. However, Helbram and his group went out of the forest to see the human world where they met a group of human travelers who promised to give them items in exchange for information about the Fairy World. However it was revealed that the humans were only after their wings, which could be sold for a lot of money as it was believed to extend a person's lifespan. King then went out of the forest to save his friends despite Elaine's efforts to stop him, telling her to stay and protect the forest. After finding the dead bodies of the Fairies, King stumbled upon a tall, armored human wearing an eye patch named Aldrich who attacked him from the back, ending up nearly killing him, until he was saved by a young Diane. Due to his injuries, King ended up forgetting about his life as a Fairy King and spent his time playing with and protecting Diane. Diane later met a stranger who offered them soup, despite them being a fairy and a giant. Feeling uneasy with the old man, King told Diane to be cautious around humans. When Diane came down with a fever, he was sent into panic due to the fairies' lack of understanding on disease and sickness. However, Diane stopped him, telling him to not leave her side since she was always lonely. The old man who gave them food found them and offered some herbs for Diane to feel better. At this point, King realized that a human's time passed much faster than the other races, as the old man that he had met before had aged several decades since the last time he had given them soup. As soon as Diane got better, they ended up playing tag with each other. He told her that if she caught him, he would grant her a wish. Diane took it seriously and caught him, but ended up getting her clothes ripped, leaving her naked, much to his surprise. He decided to make her new clothes and went to the old man's place, only to find more towns built there, and that the old man had a grandchild now. After leaving the forest, he told Diane about marriage between two humans who love each other.

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